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Groundbreaking is a 6-episode comedy mockumentary series that follows a team of less-than-intrepid archaeologists on the brink of unemployment.

Gale - 10 years into a demoralizing career that has shattered her romantic and unrealistic expectations of archaeology - embarks on what she secretly knows will be her final dig.
Accompanied by her colorful crew/vagabond pseudo-family (Goose, Reilly, Finn, and intern Ori), Gale arrives in St. Quinn – encountering a hostile community, a rancorous contractor eager to slow their work, and a series of inexplicable – if not mystical – events that indicate something bizarre is at work in this small town.


On the final day of the excavation, the team inadvertently discovers a shocking truth that will alter the town’s history forever.

As the town becomes increasingly fractured over the discovery, each episode is peppered with dramatic reveals that seismically shift the direction of the narrative – luring audiences into a compeLling mystery that culminates in the reveal of a dark secret lost amongst the annals of revisionist history.



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Natalie Cutler


Natalie Ann Cutler is an actor, writer & filmmaker known for creating female-driven documentaries and stage productions.


Born and raised in the Black Country, England (home of the Peaky Blinders), Natalie has travelled the world as a model, photo-journalist and most recently to perform her one-woman show: “Not Yet Sufferagette”.




Steven He is a Chinese-Irish actor and sketch-comedy creator based in New York. He is the creator of the popular comedy sketch series "Asian Dad" and has over 3.4 million followers across his Youtube and TikTok accounts.

He recently appeared in Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens (2020) and starred in Dinosaur World (2020).

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A producer/director of award-winning short films and documentaries, Cory Henderson brings a wealth of keen experience to Groundbreaking. After graduating with degrees in both Film Production and Business from Central Washington University, Cory got his start working on horror features in Seattle, WA - where he served in various technical and support roles. In his spare time, Cory devotes himself to philanthropic challenges, and in 2018, he cycled 4000 miles across the country in support of young adults affected by cancer.





Patrick is an award-winning director/cinematographer and the founder of Kiyo Films. His work includes national content for Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Quicken Loans, Anheuser-Busch, Gillette, BANDAID, Penny Arcade, Microsoft, & Crest - among others.


As a cinematographer, Patrick has lensed narrative features, 3D films, television pilots and web-series. As the 3D cinematographer on the sci-fi series Hard Reset, Patrick led the camera team that received the Lumiere Award for visual achievement for Best Live Action Short at the 2016 Advanced Imaging Society’s Creative Arts Awards at Warner Brothers Studios (alongside notables like Star Wars: The Force Awakens).


As a director, his narrative piece The Longest Sun - a community-based non-profit film told entirely in the endangered Tewa language - was acquired for archival and exhibition by the Smithsonian Institute and distrib- uted nationally through PBS.


Patrick’s short documentary Shades of the Border, which addressed the height- ened racial disparity between Haitians and Dominicans after the devastating Hispaniola earthquake, won the Media That Matters Racial Dialogue Award and was distributed nationally as teaching material at Yale Universi- ty and New York University.


His work has been exhibited at renowned international festivals such as SXSW, Slamdance, Austin Film Festi- val, etc - and distributed on major broadcast platforms such as DirectTV, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Micro- soft Steam & Vudu.


Prior to working in Hollywood, Patrick lived and taught at a school in Nagasaki, Japan, and has also been a professor of film for the last six years. He is currently directing a university film program in St. George, Utah.



Wendy Bird Womack is a commercial and narrative producer who has produced content for multi-national brands such as Quicken Loans, McCormick Spices, and Jack Link’s.


She graduated from the University of Texas AT Austin with a b.s. in Radio-TV-Film and has since worked as a producer, video editor, and copywriter to create digital content for companies around the globe.

Wendy also serves as the Creative Director for Kindtype — a boutique marketing agency that specializes in creating video and web content, design, and campaigns for philanthropic organizations, including major clients such as The Ministry for the Environment in New Zealand.




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